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Ember 2018 Roadmap: A call for blog post

This blog post is a response to Ember’s 2018 Roadmap: A Call for Blog Posts Last November 2017 I had to build an application for make exams to evaluate teachers from a popular university. In the beginning this project was considered only for one person (me), so we decide learn Ember JS for this project. The Beginning My previous experiences making front-end projects was using simple javascript and coffee script.


Ember JS First Steps

In the last post Learning Ember I talk about how to start with Ember. Now, after nights studying Ember I think that learning this framework is difficult because it require think first in Ember Concepts. After nights studying Ember I can say that learning this framework is difficult because you have to think first in their main concepts, and if you have some experience with other frameworks or transpilers ( coffee script, typescript, elm) probably you will be confused.


Learning Ember JS

Follow with learning more about Ember Js as our JS framework, I have to talk about my learning experience. When I was searching about Ember I found a lot of resources: posts, books, videos, courses and more. Everything looks good, until I had to start my first projects. Before to start I think that is good to know the context about it. Ember JS was born as a fork from SproutCore Framework.