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Ember JS First Steps

In the last post Learning Ember I talk about how to start with Ember. Now, after nights studying Ember I think that learning this framework is difficult because it require think first in Ember Concepts. After nights studying Ember I can say that learning this framework is difficult because you have to think first in their main concepts, and if you have some experience with other frameworks or transpilers ( coffee script, typescript, elm) probably you will be confused.


PacktPub Review: Effective Jenkins

Recently, I reviewed a video course from Packt Publishing: “Effective Jenkins: Improving Quality in the Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins” Thanks to Packt Publishing for this opportunity, and thanks to Dwayne D’Souza for the collaboration! So, I want to talk about the content of this course. Before to Start This course is for people who know the basics about Jenkins. If you don’t, I would recommend learning about this from their previous courses:


Learning Ember JS

Follow with learning more about Ember Js as our JS framework, I have to talk about my learning experience. When I was searching about Ember I found a lot of resources: posts, books, videos, courses and more. Everything looks good, until I had to start my first projects. Before to start I think that is good to know the context about it. Ember JS was born as a fork from SproutCore Framework.


Process in Elixir: A Simple Example

In the last days I have been learning about Process in Elixir. After doing some exercises and understand some things about it, I can explain how to create a simple example about process. The Process Work with process in Elixir is so common, so, it’s important know how to use it. For create a process you can use spawn (which takes a function). The process structure is very simple: you have a mailbox, created within a function and by the word receive, and you can manage different messages and do something.


Phoenix Simple App using Web Sockets

Hi! This post is for explain how to create a simple application with Phoenix and Elixir using Web Sockets. Web Sockets The Web Socket protocol based on TCP produce a bidirectional communication between client-server app, and it doesn’t need to use HTTP protocols. I created a phoenix project without ecto mix phx.new sampler --no-ecto for show a simple connection using web sockets. Create the two-way communication For start, we have to create the communication through the web socket.